Century Foundation College of Education

Affiliated to Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University | Accredited with B grade by NAAC


Psychologists emphasize the principle of “Learning by Doing “.Laboratory is used to give place for that principle.The laboratories are used to do experiments., prove the theories,develops the thinking ability of the students etc.The following laboratories are used to satisfy their sense of curiosity and also to develop the scientific skills.

  • Psychology Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Digital Language Lab
  • Educational Technology Lab
  • Physical Science
  • Biological Science Lab
  • Smart Class


The college flaunts a well equipped Educational technology cum computer lab that aims to enable the students to enrich their technological knowledge. Various equipments like computers, overhead projector, LCD projector, tape recorders, video camera, television etc. are available for training the student teachers.

The computer lab has 16 higher end well configured systems with all updated software. A large number of P.C. software packages for applications such as word-processing, spread sheets, network communications, multimedia, and file transfer utilities are available. Various services offered are:

  • ICT enabled lesson plans (using power point presentation)
  • ICT enabled test and measurement
  • ICT enabled seminars
  • Website evaluation practicum
  • Basic working knowledge in computers


The college has a psychology laboratory well equipped with various tools/tests and equipments to cater to the needs of B.Ed. students to perform six experiments (as per TNTEU syllabus) related to attention, interest, learning, personality etc.



The science lab is instituted in the college in order to inculcate scientific attitude among the student-teachers. The science lab has two divisions- physical science and biological science. Both the divisions are well equipped with apparatus, chemicals, specimens, slides, charts and microscopes in order to enable the student-teachers get hands on experience in conducting practical classes up to high school level.



The college has a workshop for making audiovisual teaching aids, SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) handicrafts and art exhibits. It is used for giving demo class / conducting workshop in SUPW and gaining hands on experience in making charts, flash cards, films, transparencies, working and static models etc.

The college offers adequate indoor and outdoor game facilities to emphasize physical education.



There is a well-equipped language lab to hone the accent, diction and communication skills of the student-teachers.